New ARB Guidelines
Date Posted
September 29, 2019 6:50 PM
All Neighbors
Homeowner ARB Guidelines 2019.pdf
Neighbors, The CPHOA Board has received many questions regarding the Architectural Review Board (ARB) requirements for approval on many items. We have taken the last six months to review the covenants, review past ARB Requests, seek legal advice, and seek input from the ARB Board. After many discussions we have compiled guidelines for the most common ARB Requests. You will undoubtedly notice one very big change for our neighborhood, this would be a guideline regarding outbuildings. Based on a review of our covenants; outbuildings are not prohibited in our neighborhood in their entirety. They are prohibited without the approval of the ARB. Due to this we are publishing a list of guidelines for you, the homeowner, to use should you choose to construct an outbuilding. It should be noted that the board and the ARB would prefer not to see outbuildings on any lot, but we realize that due to home design, lot layout, and cost, adding storage to your home may not be possible without the construction of an outbuilding.